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The climate crisis will end in our lifetime! It’s time for a deep and deeply localized adaptive actions. Climate crisis imperils fairness between generations; the climate conditions that the current generation is experiencing could be worse for the next and unborn generations. The youth and young people are working harder than adults in becoming resilient. Unless systems are changed urgently, we will inherit a world made of hazardous by greenhouse gasses, and those who are responsible for emitting these gasses will be spared the full brunt of their effects. We shall rise and strive for climate justice, doesn’t look favorable for our future, we will take action.

SAYCCC is based in all South African Provinces and more than 52 municipalities, click here to connect.
The South African Chapter of African Youth Commission

The African Youth Commission (AYC) is a network of young visionary leaders in Africa who are influencing change by one initiative at a time. This organization was was formerly convened during a consultation with the youth on the African Union Agenda 2063 held in Tunis, Tunisia under the theme "The Future We Want for Africa by 2063. The SAYCCC is grateful to be hosting the AYC in South Africa, by implementing one of its regional project, the African Activists on Climate Justice Project (AACJ) in conjunction with the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), Natural Justice (NJ), FEMNET and Oxfam. 

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Intergenerational Equity #YouthPerspective
Intergenerational equity refers to the full, equal and meaningful participation of youth in all activities, processes and platforms for climate action.
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Sustainable Development #YouthPerspective
Sustainable Development is a prerequisite to achieving climate justice. Fighting climate change is a pre-condition for sustainable development. In other words, climate action must trigger development.
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Team Recruitment
SAYCCC is inviting all its members and youth in our society to join our teams of volunteers which will work to strengthen the mission of mobilizing for climate justice. 
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