About Us

Our History

The South African Youth Centre for Climate Change (SAYCCC) is a network of young environmentalists and climate justice activists. The SAYCCC was registered as a Non-profit organization in South Africa according to the South African Non-Profit Organisations Act 71 of 1997. Reg. no. 157-650 NPO. Its membership is open to any person regardless of race, gender, marital status, ethnic or social origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture and language.

Our Mission

The MISSION of the organization is bases on three strategic areas: Climate Justice, Sustainable Development and Partnership & Empowerment.

The OBJECTIVES are: to mobilization, coordination, empowerment and promotion of youth and young perspectives on climate change; to widen the voice of South African youth for climate justice and in the processes where climate change is tackled.

Our Future

The full, equal, integrated and meaningful participation of youth in the climate space; in local, national and international level platforms.
We understand climate change as an ethical and political issue, an issue that links climate policies to human rights and sustainable development, and the benefits of climate change and climate policies equally and fairly. That includes an integrated approach concerning the well-being and equity of current and future generations. 
five areas of alignment

Climate Justice Advocacy

The Three Climate Justice Advocacy Approaches:


The SAYCCC approaches advocacy as a campaigning organization; we focus on critically observing our country’s level of ambition and effectiveness in the Nationally Determined Contributions implementation in comparison with our assessment criteria. Our assessment criteria is constantly updated according to specific expectations on specific polities or section of the NDCs.


The SAYCCC approaches advocacy as a bridge building organization; we focus on the facilitation of constructive dialogues and bringing together youth and different stakeholders in order to achieve an ambitious, effective and inclusive NDC and other climate policy plans implementation. This approach is the most cooperative.


The SAYCCC approaches advocacy as a think tank organization; we focus on the provision of technical expertise to support our country in ambitiously implementing the NDCs. This approach is more technical and cooperative.


The National Team
SAYCCC Leadership Structure second draft

Leadership and Management Process: Planning and Controlling

Leadership and Management process


Thematic Groups
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Intergenerational Inquiry

The SAYCCC invites all young people and interested persons to participate in this initiative, which aims at learning about the extent, and monitoring the progress of integrating and undertaking climate action through legislation in South Africa for the benefit of future generations. Click here for more information.