World Oceans Day


Ever wondered how life could be if there were no oceans? Yes of course we would not have life to think of in the first place. About 70% of the earth we live in is covered by the ocean. Despite the fact that the ocean is where life began, there’s a whole ecosystem of living organisms, some we know of and some we have not discovered yet.  The ocean is a home to about 94% of the earths living species. It is a purifier for the atmosphere and a source of water for every being on earth.  These are some of the reasons why the whole world celebrating World’s Oceans Day.  The SAYCCC also marks this day as most important, and we plan to do more than that, to project our ocean and other water bodies in our spaces through policy advocacy. We can’t do this alone, on this day we would like to invite the whole country, the world to join forces with under the notion #Oceans Not Oil to protect our oceans and the organisms that live in it.

Miss Ncobile Nkosi, 

SAYCCC Board Member.