The South African Youth Climate Change Coalition (SAYCCC) is a network of young environmentalists and climate justice activists. The organization is youth-led, with a centralized, orientative and participative leadership which is based on teamwork. Our teamwork is characterized by two elements; cohesiveness and accountability. Developing cohesiveness in a team is about creating a healthy working environment. And, imagine that you are in a horse race, when you win, who is the actual winner? You, as a jockey or the horse? The answer is, both. Neither of you would win the race without the other, you are a team. In a successful team, everyone is accountable and takes responsibility for the team’s progress and achievements. We have a collective concern for the outcome of teamwork.

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Snegugu Zulu

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Advancing and protecting the rights, participation and engagement of vulnerable people on the climate justice agenda.


Pursuing policy coherence and an enabling environment for sustainable development at all levels by all actors.


Climate justice advocacy through campaigns, bridge building and think-tank approaches.


A movement to take the issue of climate change to the world's highest courts and supporting climate litigation.


Decisions that are made enhance the prospects for the organisation’s long term success while maintaining short term financial stability..


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