Organisational Sustainability

The SAYCCC has a strategic leadership process which ensures that decisions that are made enhance the prospects for the organization’s long terms success while maintaining short term financial stability. This leadership includes consultative leadership; allowing members, partners and all stakeholders of the organization to participate in the decision making process. It also include monitoring, evaluation and risk analysis. This initiative is designed to ensure that there is strong internal collaboration in resource mobilization and utilization, and to nurture a work culture that supports innovation, continuous learning, and improvement.

Support and Empowerment

The SAYCCC's strategic approach to ensure sustainability and healthy growth as a youth NGO focuses on its membership and teams. Our teams maintain a highly competent work force. Special attention is provided by the leadership to further develop an intergenerational, gender and geographical balance.

Our main policies for organisational sustainability:

MEL Policy

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Policy

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Risk Management

A process of coordinating activities in a controlled manner to safeguard interests

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SEAH Policy

Prevention and Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Abuse, and Sexual Harassment Policy

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